What are some tips for dirty sex texting examples that will drive her wild with desire.

The first tip is to just talk about what you want to do to her tonight. Start with something romantic to see how she reacts. If you get a nice text in reply, you can hot up the comments with some more sexual content.

You want to start a dirty texting conversation that flows more and more erotic. It is a great idea to include all the senses in the conversation. So talk about what you see, what you smell, what you hear and what you feel and touch.

The idea is to paint a picture in her mind. Most women have a great imagination and if you are very descriptive they see this in their mind and feel it too. Compliment her in the texting once or twice.

Tell her how much you desire her and want to make love. Tell her exactly what you are going to do to her tonight.

You need to use 4 letter words for private parts as this is more dirty. A woman wants a man this is not afraid to be strongly masculine. Dirty talking is a great way to get more in your male energy.

Tips for Lovemaking

You will find that the texting makes her rather hot. So when she gets home you need to be very erotic. Give her a long lingering hug and kiss her. Push her against the wall and start to make out.

The general idea is to lead. Do not ask her about what she wants. This is a sign of weakness.

Boys are uncomfortable about lovemaking. So become a man and be dirty and lead her into her strong energy. Most woman have a very lusty side that they hide away. Being more masculine allows her to relax and to feel safe about going more wild.

Make sounds when you make love and she will respond to your energy more and more.

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